Current Inventory

Well we are almost sold out from the 2022 hop growing season. Current varieties available are: Centennial: Still some in 11lb Bags Cascade: Still Some in 11lb Bags Chinook: Sold Out Crystal: 55lbs Sterling: Sold Out Mount Hood: Sold Out Magnum: Sold Out Doogs: Sold out to a local brewer …

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Assembling the Wolf

Assembling the Wolf WHE 170 What a great machine. It was imported from Germany arriving in February, here we are in July getting it ready for the coming harvest. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”2″ gal_title=”Select Gallery”]

Summit Plants

The Boxes and boxes of clean plant stock arrived from Summit Plant labs in Colorado. I didn’t get too many pictures of the “Meat Eating Bastards” and friends who showed up to help with the planting. All I can say is thank God they did. What a mammoth task… Thanks …

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Yards A & B

Yard A was the first test plot, Yard B was the first expansion. It was a few years ago now. Here are some shots of The Yards prepared for the 2016 growing season. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”1″ gal_title=”Select Gallery”]

Wolf WHE 170

Awesome News! The hop picker arrived from Germany this week. The USD exchange rate was a killer, but we are so stoked to have it. John has been amazing and will be coming back in the summer to re-assemble it in time for harvest… I don’t know who is happier …

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I’ve been studying hops for a while now and have been curious about how they are grown in Europe. Having been to Prague before and totally falling in love with the city, we decided to base ourselves there and explore the hop growing regions of the Czech republic. What a …

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Expansion for 2016

Well into the massive learning curve we have decided to plant another 2640 plant in the spring of 2016. Hop yards C & D have been set aside, measured, re-measured, paced, agonized over, re-measured, staked out and finally…. construction has started. It’s a lot of work for the one man …

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